Aerial Silks Class

This class consists of a group warm-up followed by conditioning on the silks, which focuses on building strength and endurance. The class then progresses to choreography or ‘tricks’ on the silks where the student will learn different climbs, locks, keys and eventually the exciting and impressive ‘drops.’

At the end of each class the students break into small groups and perform a short ‘routine’ that consists of choreography that they have learnt that day in class. This is designed to foster musicality and a sense of artistry in order to encourage the student to focus on the performance aspect of Aerial Arts rather then just the tricks.


Aerial Dance Class

This class was developed by Rachel Bowman in 2008. It combines the rigor of an aerial silks class with the fun and artistry of a lyrical dance class. Beginning with a dance warm up the class then progresses to conditioning and tricks on the silks before culminating in a dance routine that begins on the ground and then finishes in the air!

Some dance experience required. This class is best taken in addition to an Aerial Silks class.