Acro is a style of dance that combines classical dance technique with precision acrobatic elements. It is very athletic and has unique choreography, which seamlessly blends dance and acrobatics together. Acro incorporates tumbling, aerials, flips, cartwheels, backbends, splits, leg extensions, pikes, pitches and round-offs. Also stretching, core strengthening and floor work are taught in Acro. This technique is sometimes used in dance routines.



Children’s Acting Coach and Talent Manager Wendee Cole will be teaching acting classes for children and teens. Classes will include commercial auditions, improv and cold readings (comedy and drama). Wendee is officially endorsed by world-renowned acting coach to the stars, Ivana Chubbuck, and uses a kid-friendly version of her successful sure-fire technique.

Ms. Cole’s clients have booked leading roles in Disney’s hit tv show “Ant Farm,” film blockbuster “Judy Moody’s Not so Bummer Summer,” and regular stints on “The Conan O’Brien Show.”

Wendee Cole is one of Hollywood’s premier kids Acting Coach and Talent Manager. She is the only acting coach officially endorsed to use a kid-friendly version of the “Ivana Chubbuck” acting technique. Wendee incorporates this sure-fire method for commercial, tv, film, and theatre acting; improv; and stand-up comedy. The results are astounding! Wendee’s young students and clients have landed leading roles in television shows such as Disney’s“Ant Farm,” regular appearances on “Conan O’Brian” and “The Jimmy Kimmel Show,” various Commercials and Print Ads, and many Nickelodeon Shows!

This past year, Ms. Cole has discovered quite a few talented children at Dance Dimensions, and signed them with top-notch Agents! The kids have since landed wonderful jobs, such as a huge Back–to-School National Commercial for Target, Print Ads, a starring role in a Lifetime Movie, a leading role in a new animated TV Pilot, and guest starring roles on sitcoms!!!

Ms. Cole holds a BA in Theatre from UCLA, and her background comes from Musical Theatre. She was one of the original stars of Off-Broadway’s long-running smash hit musical review, “Forbidden Broadway,” and was Hollywood’s first female “warm-up” artist, entertaining sitcom studio audiences with her hilarious comedy for over fifteen years.

Throughout her 8 years of teaching and coaching children, Wendee has written, produced, and directed Family & Friends Shows; Industry Showcases (Including last year’s successful “Camera Ready Kids” Showcase at Dance Dimensions); Readers Theatre; and clever parody musicals.



Our aerial classes consist of Aerial silk and Aerial Lyra (hoop). Aerial silk is a type of performance in which one or more artists perform aerial acrobatics while hanging from a special fabric. Performers climbs the suspended fabric using the strength of their bodies. They use the fabric to wrap, suspend, fall, swing, and spiral their bodies into and out of various positions. It is widely known from the “Cirque Du Soleil” shows.



Students both young and old are introduced to many different African dances. The warmup includes stretching, isolation and body conditioning, which are all done in the African context, using African music and sometimes live drumming. The end of the class is an expression session section. This is a fun class, excellent exercise and great for all ages!



The foundation for all other forms of dance commonly practiced today, Ballet is a classical dance form dating back to the fifteenth century that involves formal technique including arm, leg, and foot positions to make lines with the body. Balance and correct body posture are the basis for turning, lifting and jumping. Instruction in Ballet is an important first step for any new dancer and needs to be continued throughout a dance life!
In their Ballet classes at DDPAC, children are treated to a fanciful and creative introduction to dance, and older students are offered technique, proper body alignment and musicality.



India’s Bollywood Dance has been seen in many Hollywood movies such as MOULIN ROUGE, CHICAGO and  SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE. The Bollywood dance style incorporates the fusion of Hip Hop, Jazz, Ballet, Salsa, African, East Indian Classical and Folk.



Contemporary is a hybrid of ballet, jazz, lyrical and modern dance styles. It is a ballet-based technique that allows a greater range of movement than the strict body lines and foot work found in traditional schools of ballet. Contemporary Ballet exposes dancers to a wide range of techniques that fosters versatility. This class focuses on centering, strengthening the body, increasing flexibility, improving balance, proper placement, body alignment, fluidity and emotion. The dancer learns to let the music and their own passion guide the movement. The class consists of a warm up with stretching, ballet barre, centre work, and a full dance routine at the end of the class which is all set to contemporary music. The class will let you express yourself through dance and is a benefit to all levels of dancers.



Dunham Technique is a combination of dance disciplines: Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Cultural dances from Haiti, Brazil, Cuba, Trinidad and African. Created by Katherine Dunham, the technique kept evolving until her transition in 2006. Most recently before her passing, Katherine Dunham started her work in Chakras, which is East Indian.  Using those energy points and colors with dance by tapping into all 7 chakras, according to movement. The Technique has an amazing barre, it then moves to center floor for isolations, followed by progressions across the floor and lastly combination. I call it “The Gumbo of Dance… with all the spices!’ As it includes quite a few dance disciplines all in one technique!!


Technique Class

This class consists of Stretch and Strengthening, Leaps & Turns and Jazz Technique. These disciplines are crucial for any dancer who wishes to excel in any style.



Fun, passionate classes that explore the Technique and Theory of Spanish Flamenco as appropriate for each age group. Arm, hand and body movements to various Flamenco rhythms as well as Castinets are combined into Choreography as students progress.



Your core (or abdomen) is the beautiful physical and energetic powerhouse of the body. Seated on low stools, the class mobilizes the spine using your core to begin the series of arching, curling, bending, twisting and spiraling movements.  This releases your hips, knees, hamstrings, quadriceps, and so on, in all possible directions. Learn to move from your core with a powerful integrated approach designed for dancers that focuses on moving from your center and dancing from your connected center.  You will leave the class knowing where all your movements begin and where they end. 


In Hip Hop, movements are bouncy, fast, and funky. It is foot oriented, but uses body isolations, popping, and break dancing. Hip Hop is highly energetic and allows the dancer to perform with freedom of movement. This dance is ideal for developing improvisational skills as well as musical interpretation.



There are many forms of jazz dance; lyrical jazz, modern jazz, and street jazz. We will be focusing a little bit on all of these. Lyrical is slower and uses more extension in the moves, modern uses more contractions and off-center shapes, and street jazz (also called L.A. Jazz) involves more shoulder shrugs, hip isolations, and neck rolls emphasizing walking and moving on beat.


Classical Jazz (Adult)

Classical Jazz, after the fashion of Musical Theater icons Jack Cole, Bob Fosse and Jerome Robbins. The class is open to anyone with previous training in jazz, ballet or modern. It’s great for those wishing to get (or stay) fit! This is an actual dance class, not an aerobic exercise class.
Leaps and Turns

This is specifically a technique class that focuses on jumping and turning; two technical aspects that are used in almost all forms of dance and choreography. This class will teach students how to properly prepare for a safe jump in order to prevent injury to the body. They will learn how to turn properly on the body’s center axis to prevent  falling over or feeling unstable. The ability to jump and turn correctly is crucial to a dancer’s technical progress.



This class incorporates a combination of different styles of modern dance. Modern dance itself was first created as a rebellion against ballet and later became a fusion of new expressive ways of moving, incorporating technical dance forms. This modern class combines technique with a more athletic style of movement including fall and release, moving the body off its center, and learning how to use the floor and space in many different ways. This class allows for more exploration of movement, and more freedom to dance outside the specific form of traditional ballet. Students will learn combinations as well as use their own creativity in improvisation .


Mommy & Me

This class is designed for kids ages 16 months to 2 years  who are not ready to try a class all on their own. With the use of  props, creative movement and songs, we will introduce your child to the basics of dancing and music in a way that is specifically designed to cater to young minds. Parents are encouraged to join in and enjoy quality time with their child as they learn about counting, rhythm, and body positioning.



Pilates exercises focus on posture, strength, and flexibility. All three of these components are important for any good dancer. The regular use of Pilates will result in the following positive benefits:

• Strengthening of the upper body, enhancing a dancer’s balance, alignment of body parts and core stability.
• Better posture while static or turning as well as other spinal muscle alignments.
• Beneficial for the lower body parts such as the ankles and feet, which play a key role in any form of dance.

The body is an instrument that can wear out easily if it is not treated properly and if put under continuous stress and pressure to perform. Dancing is a very stressful activity for the body and Pilates helps to bring discipline, easier control and coordination to the body, while at the same time increasing muscle strength and also helping with relaxation.

Pilates can work on isolated muscles groups (like the shoulders) or on complex muscle groups (both the abdomen and back). Different exercises work on different muscles in the body and help to restore and rebuild muscle tissue that has broken down due to stress.



Taps on the bottom of the shoes allow the dancer to make sounds. A unique vocabulary is used in tap, and each step allows the dancer to create different syncopated rhythms. A very energetic style of dance which develops foot control and balance to a high level.

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